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Prof. Rosenthal


Deutschlandstipendium (Germany scholarship)

Today, approximately 19,000 students are studying at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in around 200 study programmes. They do not only provide for the unique character and feeling of and in the city, but also make a valuable contribution to the region and local economy because today’s students will be the skilled professionals of the future.

Accompanying young individuals through their education and training, equipping them for the challenges facing society today, and preparing them for the labour market - all of these are important and worthwhile investments in the future; the future of these young people, but also the future of Jena, of Thuringia, and beyond.

And this is the reason why the Friedrich Schiller University has decided to participate in the Deutschlandstipendium programme, the scholarship programme of the Federal government in Germany. The Deutschlandstipendium offers you the opportunity to provide targeted financial support for selected outstandingly talented and committed students and to accompany them in their professional and personal development. Your financial support provides them with the opportunity to fully concentrate on their academic studies and to start their professional career under ideal conditions. In addition, you strengthen the network and cooperation of academia, the industry, and society - a network becoming increasingly important to keep the best and most talented individuals in the region and to promote the business and industrial as well as scientific location that Jena has become.

Let us join hands to assume our responsibility and to support promising young talents in discovering and developing their skills and expertise.

Prof. Dr Walter Rosenthal
President of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

We most sincerely thank all our sponsors!